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We perform a wide variety of construction-related services for the private sector. Most of these services are associated with environmental projects that have a primarily civil construction component. Members of the FTSCO management team have performed dozens of projects previously under the KEY/FTS flagships in addition to more recent projects as members of FTSCO. These projects have included:

1. Air sparging and soil vapor extraction (AS/SVE) systems
2. Passive and active recovery systems for dense non-aqueous phase liquids
3. Passive and active recovery systems for light non-aqueous phase liquids
4. Groundwater extraction, treatment and re-injection systems
5. In-situ groundwater treatment
6. In-situ S/S treatment of  NAPL-impacted soils
7. Storm water management controls, including channels and ponds
8. Soil cover systems
9. Access roads and other civil site improvements

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