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Alan Briggs, P.E.
Professional Engineer

Mr. Briggs is a civil/geotechnical engineer with over 34 years of experience in civil and environmental permitting, design, and construction. His experience ranges from the management of construction for multi-media remedial projects to the construction of residential developments. He is also a licensed professional engineer in several states across the country.

Dale Foster, P.E.
Professional Engineer

Mr. Foster is a chemical engineer with over 31 years of experience in the design and construction field. He has spent a significant amount of time designing and constructing in-situ and ex-situ groundwater and waste water treatment systems. He also has experience with soil solidification and stabilization technologies. Mr. Foster is a licensed professional engineer in four states.

Hank Pappert

Mr. Pappert is a geologist with over 15 years of experience in remedial system installation, systems operation, maintenance and performance monitoring.
His management experience includes some of the most recent construction projects performed by KEY and FTS. The range of Mr. Papperts project includes groundwater remediation as well as earthwork/civil activities, and he routinely develops construction cost estimates for our projects.

Pete Sawchuck, P.E.
Professional Engineer

Mr. Sawchuck is a civil engineer with over 35 years of environmental engineering experience, including construction and project management experience on a variety of projects throughout the United States. His experience includes the management of permitting, design, and construction projects involving barrier walls, low permeability covers, soil S/S, and groundwater remediation. Mr. Sawchuck is a licensed professional engineer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and he is a licensed site remediation professional in New Jersey.

Jim Zubrow, P.G.
Professional Geologist

Mr. Zubrow is a geologist with over 31 years of experience in conducting and managing environmental projects administered under CERCLA and RCRA as well as state brownfields. He is well-versed in groundwater remediation technologies including in-situ and ex-situ techniques. Mr. Zubrow holds degrees in both geology and chemistry and is a licensed professional geologist in three states.

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